On arrival at the Oliver Thambo International Airport you will be welcomed and taken care of by one of the straff members of Elandsbosch Safaris. He will then transport you to the lodge that will take approximately 4 and a half hours drive where the friendly staff will be waiting to take care of you


Weather and Clothing

The winters in South Africa starts late April, ending at the beginning of September. South Africa's seasons are reversed from yours.

 For the most part, early mornings are crisp and cool but warm up around 9am.

 Mid days are sunny and warm but starts cooling down from 3pm and can range a great deal so you have to pack to dress layers each day. Khaki, camo or green clothing is recommended for hunting. It is not necessary to bring a great deal of clothing as laundry services are available on a daily basis therefore three sets of hunting clothes will do. A range of temperatures may be experienced in one day so dressing in layers is advisable.


The hunting area is malaria free and no vaccinations or medication is required for traveling to South Africa. However, if you travel to any neighbouring countries you need to get hepatitis and tetanus shots. Ensure that you bring a good sun block. You may need a good tick-repellent in some areas. A local private hospital, doctor and drugstore are 30minutes away in case of an emergency.

Please see the recommended packing list for more detailed guidelines.

- Recommended packing list - hunters
- Recommended packing list - observers/ladies